Project Management methodology at Zone Land Solutions extend to include aspects of Risk Management and overall Development Facilitation.

The effective management of timelines especially during development applications is key in order to safeguard prospective developers from penalties during the rezoning process. This and the often overlooked aspect of relationship management between various stakeholders is an important part of the Zone Land Solution way of work.  As in any business, a lack of effective communication can lead to distrust and misunderstandings which could easily have been prevented by adopting a more personal approach. The team at Zone Land Solutions fulfill this role in its project management philosophy by not only adhering to process, but including the people aspect as well.

Business risks associated with property development and rezoning applications are all contributable to people and process, both internal and external.  At Zone Land Solutions we believe that project and risk management equals effective process management and stakeholder facilitation. An oversight on either can lead to unnecessary delays and disappointment in prospective development applications.